Gruta de los búhos

Natural park specialized in birds of prey in Spain, Tierra Rapaz.

Large and free parking lot in the area. Economical prices at the ticket office. Wide, varied and reasonably priced menu.

The park’s experienced biologists offer a fun and didactic guided look through the park’s facilities, filled to the brim with fun and interesting facts. Entering the science room, where one can get a microscopic view of the difference between a diurnal and a nocturnal bird’s feathers, and even be able to see the egg’s embryo’s develomenptal process. It finalizes with a chance to feed the current year’s hatchlings.

Following this, there’s the impressive diurnal birds of prey demonstration: “The Lake Of Time”, with over 150 birds of prey  flying simultaneously, one of the best  demostrations of the world. Filled with special effects and beautifully staged over huge, grassy plains, where our horses graciously trot around a central lake. During the demonstration we’re reminded of the mutual care between humans and birds of prey. On it we’re also presented with several of the over 40 irrecoverable birds of prey the park takes in, previously solicited to the administration, which they care for, providing the best aviaries, food, and any and all veterinary care required.

Food is distributed following the reservation order, very well organised.

Right after eating, there’s a chance to hold a hawk and be able to observe them from up close and even take pictures for free.

Once this activity finishes, the nocturnal birds of prey demonstration, “The Great Owl’s Grotto”, unique in all the world, taking place in a covered, climatized and themed with rocks and rock-based tres, where over 15 different  owl species fly amazingly close to the public. Both exciting and didactic.

Once this demonstration is over, “Volando Búhos” (flying owls), a free activity where one can fly small owls and take pictures with them.

Once this is over with, there will be a bouncy castle and pedal-based karts for the little ones.

The faboulous farm school, where children and adults alike can interact with the animals. Rabbits, peacocks, emus, dwarf goats, wallabies, donkeys, hens, european mouflons, etc.